The Interschools Snowsport Championships provides an opportunity for Australian school students of all ages to experience competitive snowsports and to participate at either a recreational or competitive level. The Multiclass events provide an opportunity for students with a physical or intellectual impairment to participate in a fun and welcoming environment. Students can compete in an Alpine GS or Snowboard GS event.


2024 Interschools Multiclass Dates at Perisher

  • Friday July 26  
  • Wednesday August 21
  • Friday September 6 (National Event). To be eligible to compete in the National event, participants must have entered either the July 26 or August 21 event.




To be eligible, participants must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be registered with Sport Inclusion Australia and hold a valid eligibility number.
  • Hold a current eligible or provisional School Sport or Para-alpine or Para-snowboard classification pertaining to a physical or visual impairment.
  • Have a formal diagnosis of Autism and be able to provide supporting documentation.
  • Be a current year member of Special Olympics Australia.
  • Be a current year member of Disabled Wintersport Australia.



To enter the Multiclass Event, participants must also have enough experience and ability to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Ski or ride unassisted, confidently, and safely on blue runs (e.g., Front Valley at Perisher)
  • Stop confidently on a blue run at speed; and
  • Ride a chairlift or T-bar independently


Divisioning: Multiclass includes athletes with physical impairments, intellectual impairment, and autism. A Multiclass athlete’s disability is recognised via classifications defined by School Sport Australia, Paralympics Australia, and Sport Inclusion Australia.

Multiclass event divisions replicate existing mainstream events, in that they are based on school year and gender, with both individual and school team races across all divisions. Additionally, Multiclass divisioning is further broken down into two subdivisions:

  • Physical Impairment which includes athletes with motor, visual or hearing impairment
  • Intellectual Impairment and Autism which includes athletes with a Full-Scale IQ score of 75 and lower, and limitations in adaptive behaviour; or those with a formal diagnosis of Autism, ASD, or Asperger’s syndrome.