An Online Training Course has been developed for Interschool officials. The course provides participants with the critical information and resources to be effective and confident Interschools officials.

The training course has lessons in five main categories:

  • an introduction to Interschools, its role in competitive snow sports, and who manages the competition;
  • key roles of the Resort Race Department at the Interschools events;
  • Interschools Course Official's roles and responsibilities;
  • Identifying the various types of incorrect gate passage;
  • Volunteer event preparation.

During the course, you will be asked to complete a number of Learning Activities to test your knowledge in the form of a quick quiz.

The course is not mandatory to take but is highly recommended to take if you will be volunteering this season.

If you completed the course last year, you do not need to re-take it again ahead of the season, unless you would like to revise the course material.

The Course will be available online in May 2024 on the Snow Academy, Snow Australia's Educational Hub. To complete the course, users must be members of Snow Australia. There is a free membership category 'Volunteer Member'.


Any Questions?

For any questions on the Interschools Officials Training course, email Wendy at