Online entries for the 2024 Regional Championships will open on May 13 and close in mid-June. 

Entries are completed by the school coordinator in the Interschools Online Entry System.

School Coordinators are representatives of the school, either a teacher or parent, who complete the entries for the school through the Interschools Online Entry System.

The Online Entry System can still be accessed to update school coordinator contact details.


Contact Interschools If you are a new School Coordinator and require a new login or are unsure if your school is registered for the Online Entry System.



Entry FAQ

Regional Championships

Online entries for the Regional Interschool Championships open May 13. Each participating school must nominate a school coordinator, whose role it is is to complete school entries, which can either be a parent or a school staff member.

Entries can only be completed online at the Interschools online entry system  


New to Interschools in 2024?

How do I know if my school already participates? We have compiled a list of schools that competed in the Regional Championships in 2023, to advise new families to Interschools.

2023 Schools

If your school does not currently participate in Interschools, either a parent representative or a school staff member can take on the role of school coordinator. It is advised that you let your school know that you are looking to participate in Interschools and make plans on whether the parent or school staff will act as the school coordinator.  

If you are taking over from another school coordinator, email Interschools to retrieve/amend the school login.

Click Here for more information for new families and schools to Interschools


State Championships

Online entries for the NSW/ACT/QLD State Championships will open after the completion of the three Regional Championships and on July 29. This includes entry into the cross country, slopestyle, and multiclass events.

Online entries for the Australian Championship open after the completion of the NSW/ACT/QLD State Championships. 

We ask that all School Coordinators ensure that your contact details in the online entry system are current and up-to-date. Direct communication to school coordinators is often sent from Interschools and we rely on contact details being correct in the online entry system. 

To update your details, please log in to the Interschools Online Entry System and select the "School Details" tab.


Contact Interschools If you are a new School Coordinator and require a new login or are unsure if your school is registered for the Online Entry System,


School Coordinators have a big job in putting together school entries so here is a list of what participants, parents, and carers can do now to make it easier for school coordinators to enter participants into the Championships:

  • All Participants need to have an active Snowracer SnowID. If you have entered the Championships before, you will have a SnowID already but it will need to be renewed and activated for the upcoming year. New participants will need to sign up for Snowracer to receive a SnowID. To renew or register now, go to Registration - Snow Australia/. You can look up your Snowracer status to check if you are registered and renewed. SnowID renewals open May 1.
  • Pass your SnowID to your school coordinator. They will need to know this number to be able to enter participants in the Interschools Online Entry System
  • Let your school coordinator know what disciplines you wish to enter and what year at school you are in. Start Lists will be available online from early June, so you will be able to check that you have been entered into the correct disciplines and divisions.
  • Can you help the school as a Team Manager or Volunteer Course Official? Volunteers receive a free-of-charge lift ticket on event days. Let your school coordinator know if you are available for these roles as they will need to register this information in the Interschools Online Entry System.
  • Complete your Online Participant Waiver Form. Volunteers will need to complete the Online Volunteer Waiver Form. (waivers available in May 2024)

There is a once-only annual registration fee of $25 which is invoiced at the Regional Championships.  The fee includes event insurance and administration costs for running the event.  The registration fee is non-refundable. 

For individuals that do not compete at the Regional level and join the competition for the first time at the NSW/ACT/QLD State Championship (in cross country, and/or slopestyle for example), the school will be invoiced for their registration fees. 

In 2024, the event entry fees are $55 per event, per competitor at each Championships. Please note that the entry fees do not include your lift ticket.

The online entry system generates a tax invoice once you have completed your entries.  This can be paid by the school or on behalf of the school.  Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or online Credit Card payment.  Payment for the school’s entries must be made in one lump sum. Individual payments will not be accepted.  The School Principal and/or School Coordinator must sign the tax invoice.

School Coordinators may have noticed that there is a new payment option in the Interschools Online Entry System.

The Invoice tab now generates a Cost Summary once entries are completed. Schools can now choose to pay online with a credit card payment, as one of the payment options. Secure payment can be made using this method.

Once your school payment has been processed (which may take up to three working days), the tax invoice will be available on the invoice tab.

The Principal and/or Coordinator’s endorsement for the team/s to compete in the Interschools events must be signed off on the tax invoice. Please email signed tax invoices to

Please ensure that the payment of events is made prior to the due date.  Payment for the school’s entries must be made in one lump sum, not individual payments.  

For more tips on how to complete your entries, download the ONLINE ENTRY HANDBOOK