Snowracer is an initiative of Snow Australia.

Snowracer involves 3 main functions:

  • Free membership of Snow Australia.
  • Assigning a SnowID to an individual, which will allow them to be entered into the Interschool Championships and other events.
  • An App that features live timing when an event is running.


Snowracer Membership and SnowID

All participants need to have an active Snowracer membership to enter the Interschools Championships. An Active Snow ID is needed so that you can be entered into events in the Interschools Online Entry System.

If you have entered Interschools before, you will have a SnowID already but it will need to be renewed and activated for the upcoming year.

New participants will need to sign up for Snowracer Membership to receive a SnowID. Please forward your SnowID number to your school coordinator so that they can complete your Interschool entries.

Click here to renew or register for 2024. You can look up your Snowracer status to check if you are registered and renewed.

Registration with Snowracer is free of charge.


Living Timing on the Snowracer App


Snow Australia’s will be the best place to access all the live timing for this season, and you will again be able to access the Live timing by the website or the Snowracer App. With the Northern NSW / QLD Regional Championships Events starting on the 9th – 10th of July at Thredbo, followed by the Sydney Regional Interschools Championships at Perisher from the 16th – 19th of July and ACT/Regional NSW Championships from 23rd – 26th of July at Perisher, will be the best place to view the timing for Alpine, Ski Cross, Snowboard GS, and Snowboard Cross events. Please note, there will be no live scoring at the Moguls Qualifying events this year.  

Remember to download the Snowracer App on either the Apple App store or the Google Play Store here: , or visit the website here. In 2024 Snow Australia will again be providing the Snowracer website and App for free for everyone to download and use, however there will be a page that will ask users to add their name and email as part of the process of accessing the free live timing and results pages on the site.  

When you are viewing the Live Timing on Snowracer please remember – all results are provisional until the Presentations. Official Interschools results will be uploaded to each afternoon. Any results featured on Snowracer during competitions will only be the provisional results and may not accurately reflect any disqualification during the race.