Snowracer is an initiative of Snow Australia.

Snowracer involves 3 main functions:

  • Free membership of Snow Australia, which provides, among other benefits, insurance cover during participation in on-snow events
  • Assigning a SnowID to an individual, which will allow them to be entered into the Interschool Championships and other events.
  • An App that features live timing when an event is running.


Snowracer Membership and SnowID - Open May 1, 2024

All Participants need to have an active Snowracer SnowID. If you have entered the Championships before, you will have a SnowID already but it will need to be renewed and activated for the upcoming year. New participants will need to sign up for Snowracer to receive a SnowID. Click here to renew or register (opens May 1). You can look up your Snowracer status to check if you are registered and renewed.

If you have competed in Interschools previously you will already have a SnowID.

Registration with Snowracer is free of charge and has the following benefits:

Snowracer Insurance - FREE insurance cover while competing in Australia. This insurance is for non-medical expenses to the value of $500 and covers items such as refunds for your entry fee and lift tickets, lost accommodation or car repatriation. More details regarding the policy is available here.

SnowID - Your SnowID is your unique identifier that allows you to register for Snow Australia events, including Interschools, make an insurance claim and/or upgrade your registration with Snow Australia.



It is the participants (or their parents) responsibility to make sure that you have a Snowracer Registration before entering Interschool events. Please forward your SnowID number to your school coordinator so that they can complete your Interschool entries. 

If you have a Snowracer registration, keep your contact details up to date. You can do this at any time, by logging into the membership portal.

If you are unsure of whether you have a Snowracer Registration and/or SnowID, you can use the SnowID look up.


Living Timing on the Snowracer App

Live Timing is available through the  Snowracer App on most Interschool courses.

Please remember these times are unofficial and are to be used as a guide only. Please also note that the live timing websites could go down at times due to weather or internet connection. 

The official results will be be posted on the Interschools website after the event.