New to Interschools in 2024?


We have compiled information together to help you navigate what is involved, what to expect, and how to enter.


Event Dates and Schedule

2024 Interschools Event Schedule

The Competition Schedule outlines when events are on for each Championship. The numbers against a discipline refer to the school division. Our divisions are:

  • Division 1 - Year 11 & 12
  • Division 2 - Year 9 & 10
  • Division 3 - Year 7 & 8
  • Division 4 - Year 5 & 6
  • Division 5 - K to Year 4
  • Division 6 - K to Year 2 (Alpine and Ski Cross only)

Information on the Regional Championships

If you are looking to compete in the 2024 Regional Interschools Championships, please read the Regional Interschools Championships Factsheet which addresses common questions that new families to Interschools have, including who can participate, how and when to enter, and which Regional Championships schools should enter.


When and How to Enter

Online entries open in early May. Entries are completed by the school coordinator for the school, which can either be a parent or a school staff member, who is responsible for completing the entries on behalf of the school participants.

Click Here for more information on how entries are completed


How do I know if my school already participates?

We have compiled a list of schools that competed in the Regional Championships in 2023, to advise new families to Interschools.

2023 Schools

If your school does not currently participate in Interschools, either a parent representative or a school staff member can take on the role of school coordinator. It is advised that you let your school know that you are looking to participate in Interschools and make plans on whether the parent or school staff will act as the school coordinator.  

If there is a change of school coordinator for the school, you can email Interschools at to update the school login for the Online Entry System.


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Further Questions?

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